NOVA Cup Holder for Walker, Rollator, Transport Chair, Wheelchairs – Universal Fit on Round Tube Only, Adjustable & Foldable Drink Holder

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    • A CUP HOLDER IS A MUST, and this is the perfect adjustable cup holder for your mobility product. Made of durable plastic.
    • VERSATILE, UNIVERSAL FIT attaches to most walkers, rollators, transport chairs, and wheelchairs. The unique, patented design allows the cup holder to attach to an inclined tube keeping the cup holder straight and balanced. Connects to 3/4”, 7/8” or 1” diameter pipe at any angle.
    • CUP HOLDER IS ADJUSTABLE to hold and secure different sized cups and beverages, from 2.25” to 3.75” in diameter. The stand height is 4” with an opening to allow for the handle of mugs and coffee mugs.
    • FOLDS QUICKLY when not in use to prevent cup holder damage and keeps your mobility product streamlined.
    • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION requires only a Phillips screwdriver. Watch the video for easy instructions.

    Product Dimensions 4.5 x 1.25 x 7.5 inches (11.4 x 3.2 x 19.2 cm); 6.08 Ounces (172.37 grams)
    Item model number CH-10000
    Manufacturer NOVA Medical Products
    Brand NOVA Medical Products
    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
    Color Black
    Material Plastic

    Product Description


    NOVA Cup Holder for Walker, Rollator, Transport Chair, Wheelchairs – Universal Fit, Adjustable & Foldable Drink Holder

    Customer Questions & Answers

    • Question: will it hold a coffee cup?

      Answer: The holder is sturdy enough to hold a coffee cup, but it is too tall for many coffee cups. It would hold a bit taller cup.
    • Question: is this easy to open/ close? Bought another one that looked like this but very hard to open/close with arthritic hands.

      Answer: The holder is stiff and a bit hard to open. The springs are tight and I can see where someone with arthritic hands might have difficulty.
    • Question: The description says this is 4.5" x 7.5" inches. How far does it stick out from the actual chair/walker?

      Answer: Mine is about 7.5 inches installed on chair/walker and opened, but it is about 3.5 inches square where a cup sits and closes up to 1.5 inches about the distance of my plastic screw ons for my handles with brakes.
    • Question: what is the cup holder made of?

      Answer: The cup holder is made of plastic. It does tend to collect some water if your glass or bottle sweats so I solved this problem by putting a napkin on the bottom. My friend broke one of the arms when someone hit her holder with a cart. It had to be replaced. So be careful when you go through doorways or around other moving carts.
    • Question: Will this accommodate a 3.5” wide coozie? I’m thinking of getting one for my GetGo Rollator, but I always use a coozie. Haven’t found a solution.

      Answer: I don’t think so. For some reason I’m unable to post pictures. The opening on the top holder is adjustable to almost 4” wide, but front to back is not adjustable which results in an oval opening that is a little less than 3” front to back. It works fine for my insulated water bottles, but your coozie is too big around.
    • Question: Help to get out of bed. Slides betwee n matttress and box springs

      Answer: No, I don't think so. It's designed to be attached to the bars of a wheelchair, rollator it other mobility device.
    • Question: Can this be installed inside the rollater? I’m afraid it would be difficult to get through doors, etc installed on the outside

      Answer: I don't think it will fit inside the rollater. It does fold up when not in use. I tried it, but finally took it off. I didn't feel like it was stable for open glass drinks.
    • Question: Will this cup holder hold a coffee mug with a handle?

      Answer: It may hold one that is tall - like those designed as travel mugs. would need to be lightweight.
    • Question: Does it come in white? When I choose "2-pack", price goes from $16 to $79????

      Answer: Your question needs to be answered by .vendor
    • Question: Does it fit the drive nitro rollator?

      Answer: Does it fit the Drive NITRO EURO rollator? The side pieces are flat not tubular on this particular rollator. So to say yes it fits the Drive Rollator is not the same as the Drive NITRO EURO Rollator.

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    4.88 out of 5
    8 customers ratings
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    NOVA Cup Holder for Walker, Rollator, Transport Chair, Wheelchairs – Universal Fit on Round Tube Only, Adjustable & Foldable Drink Holder reviews by customers

    March 13, 2023
    Works great !
    Folds in pretty flat, works great !
    June 2, 2022
    Perfect for walker
    This is the second cup holder I purchased for my walker. The first one dumped my water the second I accidentally bumped it. This one not only clamps the container, the clamp can easily adjust to most containers or bottles. It also folds completely flat so when I fold up the walker to put it in the car, the holder isn’t in the way nor does it get snapped off.
    June 1, 2022
    A durable and very useful product
    After a full 10 years of service on two different walkers, it's time to buy another one. It's made of sturdy plastic, but after years of folding it up and reopening, running into walls and doorways, the "fingers" at the top are a little loose. But this cup holder has been a real help for my wife, who has had Parkinson's for 19 years. I was glad to find that it is still available. I highly recommend this accessory to everyone!
    April 19, 2022
    Material that its made of
    I absolutely love it but I think it needs to be made out of something else besides plastic. Needless to say I have purchased 5 of them just so to replace either the arm or tray that has been sheared off. Speed is not the problem.🤭
    March 14, 2022
    Just perfect
    Installed this on my mobility scooter today and it's on good and tight. Just perfect and easy to install.
    November 5, 2021
    Very useful. Works great.
    It may seem difficult to adjust the cup holder size. You just have to use a little force.
    September 18, 2021
    Helps prevent spilled beverages!
    I highly recommend this to anyone who uses a rollator walker. Prior to buying this I would attempt to balance (which resulted in many messes) my drinks on the cushion seat and walk at the same time. I never knew a product like this existed but it is almost a necessity now!
    July 16, 2021
    Fits good on Rolator.
    Mom in law has a rolater. There were few places to put it, but we worked it out. She loves it.

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