hum by Colgate Smart Rhythm Sonic Toothbrush Kit, Battery-Powered, Slate Grey

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    Product Details

    • Sleek, ergonomic, expertly designed sonic toothbrush with powerful sonic vibrations that clean better
    • Get a better clean that's gentle on gums with 30,000 sonic vibrations per minute and floss-tipped bristles
    • The Hum Smart Rhythm battery toothbrush syncs seamlessly with an app, and together they track how often and how long you brush.
    • The built-in 2-minute timer pulses every 30 seconds to help you maintain it, while 2 vibration levels (normal, sensitive) let you customize your brushing.
    • This smart battery toothbrush comes with 2 AAA batteries and has a 90-day battery life.

    Item model number 10035000994186
    Manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive
    Brand Colgate
    Age Range (Description) Adult
    Package Dimensions 9.17 x 3.98 x 1.73 inches (23.3 x 10.1 x 4.4 cm); 6.74 Ounces (191.08 grams)
    Color Slate Grey
    UPC 035000994189
    Special Feature Customizable, Brushing Timer, Bluetooth Connectivity
    Power Source Battery Powered

    Product Description


    The hum by Colgate Smart Rhythm Sonic Battery Toothbrush with bluetooth connectivity guides you to brush better. The hum smart toothbrush has a 2-minute built-in timer pulses every 30 seconds to help you stick with it while 2 vibration levels (normal, sensitive) let you customize your brushing. Go beyond the guesswork with the hum by Colgate Smart Rhythm sonic toothbrush! hum Smart Sonic Toothbrush with a Connected App With a brush that knows you and an app that shows you, hum Smart Rhythm combines the power of a sonic toothbrush with the connectivity of a smart toothbrush. Download the app and connect to get a better brushing routine for a cleaner smile.* Track the duration and frequency of your brushing in the app while earning points towards rewards. Battery Toothbrush Kit with Travel Case This smart toothbrush starter kit comes with one toothbrush handle and one toothbrush head, plus a travel case that makes it easier to take this sonic toothbrush on your next vacation or even to work. Two AAA batteries are also included to get your brushing started. The hum Smart Rhythm battery toothbrush has a 90 day battery life**. Designed by the Experts at Colgate The hum by Colgate Smart Rhythm sonic battery toothbrush is designed by the experts. At Colgate, we know the power of a healthy smile and that’s why we created hum - so you can brush better for a cleaner smile. *versus brushing without an app **in sensitive mode when used as directed ***this brush does not replace flossing.

    Customer Questions & Answers

    • Question: Can the adult brushes be used with the Hum app for kids?

      Answer: The adult hum brushes cannot be used with the hum kids app. The hum kids use AR technology to interact with the app, which the adult hum doesn't have.
    • Question: How does this differ from the normal battery Hum Brush?

      Answer: Hello! This one is customizable, has a brushing timer and, Bluetooth connectivity. It is also battery powered rather than with an electric cord. It also seamlessly syncs with an app, and together they track the frequency and duration of your brushing. For more information, please refer to the "About this item" section of the product! Thank you! :)
    • Question: How long does it hold a charge?

      Answer: I believe it says on the app and it’s 2-3 months.
    • Question: Having trouble finding the hum app for ios. could i get a link to it? or is it not available anymore?

    • Question: What is the difference between the Rhythm and other Hum models?

      Answer: Thank you for reaching out! hum rhythm is a battery powered toothbrush which requires batteries in order to use. It differs from our hum rechargeable because it requires the toothbrush to be placed in a charger base to get the toothbrush up and running and fully charged. hum rhythm toothbrush price: $29.99 hum rechargeable toothbrush price: $69.99 Hum smart rhythm only comes in one color (Slate Grey) Offers only two brushing modes : Normal and Sensitive, while the hum rechargeable offers 3 modes: Normal, sensitive and deep clean Hum rhythm does not offer offline brushing, while the hum rechargeable gives you two options to either connect to the app and have your brushing sessions synced online and offline.
    • Question: does the HUM app work in new york?

      Answer: Hello! Our hum app does work in New York. The app is region locked and will only work in the United States of America.
    • Question: Is this considered a pressure sensitive brush? Would it alert you if you are using too much pressure?

      Answer: Great question! Our hum rhythm has 2 modes you can glide through; normal and sensitive. It just won't alert you when you're brushing with too much pressure.
    • Question: Hum’s app is not available in my region but colgate app is. can i connect hum’s toothbrush to colgate’s app?

      Answer: We are sorry for the confusion, hum is only shipped and sold within the U.S. It cannot be used or connected with the Colgate Connect App as these are two separate apps.

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    hum by Colgate Smart Rhythm Sonic Toothbrush Kit, Battery-Powered, Slate Grey reviews by customers

    January 20, 2023
    The case is handy to carry around in a bag. Wish I had bought this rechargeable, I really like how it cleans my teeth.
    June 24, 2022
    Okay for travel
    It’s not very strong pressure compared to other electric toothbrushes but I wanted a travel one that used batteries. It works fine.

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