Shipping Policy

Please carefully review our Shipping & Delivery Policy when purchasing our products. This policy will apply to any order you place with us.

What are My Shipping & Delivery Options?

We offer various shipping options. In some cases a third-party supplier may be managing our inventory and will be responsible for shipping your products.

Free Shipping:

We offer free overnight shipping on all orders

Do You Deliver Internationally?

We offer worldwide shipping. Free overnight shipping is valid on international orders.

Please note, we may be subject to various rules and restrictions in relation to some international deliveries and you may be subject to additional taxes and duties over which we have no control. If such cases apply, you are responsible for complying with the laws applicable to the country where you live and will be responsible for any such additional costs or taxes.

Important Points to Consider for International Shipping:

Make sure you are acquainted with the following indexes thoroughly:

  1. Packing Constraints:

    According to the international aviation organisation's norms and standards, products containing flammable liquids, compressed gases, liquid gases, oxidising agents, and flammable solids are subject to packing constraints based on their volume. Your order will be delivered in multiple packages if it happens to contain such product(s).

  2. Shipments Stuck at Customs:

    As to each such purchase made by the customer through the Avax Mall website, the recipient in the destination country in all instances shall be the “Importer of Record” and must comply with all the laws and regulations of said destination country for the product(s) purchased through the Avax Mall Website.

    The courier company usually takes care of the customs clearance procedure. In case the shipment is held at the customs clearance processes due to missing or absence of proper paperwork/documents/declaration/ government license or certificates required from the ‘Importer of Record’:

    • If the ‘Importer of Record’ fails to provide the required documents and paperwork to the custom authorities and as a result the product(s) are confiscated by the customs, Avax Mall will not issue a refund. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you make advance preparations & submit the relevant documents when requested by the custom authorities.
    • If the shipment is returned to our warehouse in case of missing/absent paperwork etc. from the customer’s end, a refund will be issued only after deducting the return shipping charges from the product purchase price. The shipping, and custom charges will not be included in the refund.
  3. Undeliverable Shipments/Refused Shipment Returned

    When a shipment is approved by customs authorities, the concerned courier company will contact the customer and arrange for order delivery:

    In the event the customer does not respond, refuses to accept delivery or declines to pay the applicable duties and taxes due to the carrier upon delivery. The shipment will be returned to the country of origin.

    The customer may file a refund claim for the above cases. If the shipment is eligible for a refund per Avax Mall Return Policy, Avax Mall will refund the price of goods of the affected shipment only. Shipping and custom charges will not be included in the refund. The cost of the return shipment will also be deducted from the total price of goods affected in the shipment.

    If the shipment is not returned or the product(s) is non-returnable, the customer is not eligible for a refund.

  4. Prohibited Items & Import Restricted items in the Destination Country:

    Avax Mall strives to be compliant with laws and ensures that the product(s) meet the regulatory and safety requirements in the respective countries. However, not all product(s) listed on the Avax Mall Website may be available for purchase in your respective country of destination. Avax Mall makes no promises or guarantees as to the availability of any product(s) listed on the website as being available in the customer’s respective country of destination.

    All products purchased on the Avax Mall Website are at all times subject to all export and all Trade and Tariff Regulations of any nation of competent Jurisdiction. With millions of products available on our website/app, it's difficult to filter out those that cannot be shipped due to country-specific customs regulations and procedures.

    The Customer who purchases product(s) through the Avax Mall Website and/or the recipient of the product(s) in the destination country is/are solely responsible for assuring that the product(s) can be lawfully imported to the destination country as Avax Mall and its affiliates make no affirmations, representations or promises of any type regarding the legality of importing any product(s) purchased on the Avax Mall website into the country in the world. If the product(s) ordered is a restricted or prohibited and not approved by the custom clearance authorities in the destination country, the customer is not eligible for a refund.

Shipment Tracking:

All shipments can be tracked using the Order Id number on our tracking page. The option to track an order can be found at bottom of our website. App users can view the “track order” option when they click on the menu icon on the top-left section of the app. The user can click on ‘my orders’ and track the shipment easily.

Feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

How Can You Contact Us About This Policy?

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